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We advise on the organizing competition and Hackathon challenges so that the involvement of students and graduates is as high as possible. Our team has extensive competence and experience in conducting such events from A to Z.

Leothon, a hackathon for business based on an innovative challenge platform, brings together the most talented students and graduates in one place to meet the partner’s expectations. In response to the challenge indicated by the Partner, participants develop advanced business and technological solutions. Participants in our Leothons accept both 24-hour and long-term challenges, depending on the needs reported by the Partners. We offer comprehensive service of the event in the online or offline formula

Stages of event implementation

Benefits for Partners


The opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the best business university in Central and Eastern Europe


Access to the 65,000-strong ALK community (students, graduates and business partners)


Obtaining innovative solutions that can be implemented in the organisation


The opportunity to benefit from many years of expert experience


Why work with us?

Why work with us?

We work with businesses, startups and government organisations. The Leothons completed so far have had a total of almost 500 participants. We organise hackathons in which both business and technological challenges have their place. 

We promote solutions that care for the environment and those that support sustainable development in a broader scope.

The most recently implemented hackathons are: AI in service of the disabled, EcoTechnology for Cities, business hackathon for Goodie

Key mentors

During the projects we work with mentors from the Kozminski Venture Lab community, as well as mentors from Partners dedicated to a specific challenge area

Selected projects

You have an idea for a team challenge
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If you are interested in Leothon or our platform, write to us and we will make you an offer tailored to your needs and help you refine your idea.


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