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Digitalisation of businesses

Do you think that your company needs changes? That your business needs automation and new solutions at the level of processes, technologies used or products and services offered? Are you looking for a partner who will support you and help you develop quickly and effectively?
Our offer is for you!

We offer the necessary understanding of your business model and the ability to implement the latest technological solutions in various business sectors. We’ll guide you safely and effectively through the entire digital transformation process.

Stages of digital business process transformation

One of the basic forms of digital transformation is the use of modern technology to optimise and simplify existing processes within a company. In its most basic form, it can mean changing tools and forms of operation from analogue to digital. At other times, it can involve changing existing structures and processes and implementing advanced digital solutions, dedicated algorithms and tailor-made technologies. Our methodology of working with the digitalization of processes is based on 4 stages.

Our technologies

Machine Learning

A significant proportion of our projects have been equipped with self-sustaining algorithms that learn to optimise processes using huge databases.


Although in the mass consciousness it is primarily associated with cryptocurrencies, it refers to an innovative process of recording transactions and tracking resources across a code architecture.


Virtual assistants, image analysis software, modern search engines, speech and facial recognition systems.


A rapidly growing field introducing the possibility of multimedia creation of reality - objects, virtual worlds or simulations of real events.

Big Data

All programs related to the problems of data collection, processing, analysis and visualization using ML and AI.


Systems combining issues of artificial intelligence and linguistics, allowing the automatic analysis, understanding, translation, and generation of natural language by a computer.



With strategic consultancy, you will identify your company's weak points and find the best solutions to get rid of them.


We will develop business processes for you, which will increase the scalability of your services or products and significantly reduce the costs of running your company.


The tools we offer our Partners are based on advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art technology. So your company will offer customers the most efficient services available on the market.


Working with us will increase your chances of attracting new investors. On top of that, the processes we implement are based on machine learning - they will update themselves long after their initial implementation.

Why us?

Why can you trust us?

You can trust our advice and mentoring. More than 50 clients have benefited so far and are now happy to see the results of working with us. We have a comprehensive range of services for you and access to experts from various industries. Our support is more than just a handful of pieces of advice, it’s help tailored to the individual needs of your business.

Lider produktowy


  • Ekspert (doradztwo strategiczne – marketing internetowy i automatyzacja procesów marketingowo-sprzedażowych)
  • Dyrektor zarządzający (ClickMyAdsy)
  • Kierownik Studiów Magisterskich Zarządzanie w Wirtualnym Środowisku w ALK

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