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THE REPORT “Ecosystem of change”

The report " Positive Impact Startups. Ecosystem Of Change"

More and more startups want to add their bricks to the beneficial changes taking place in our communities. It is safe to say that Positive Impact Startups is a trend already visible on the Polish market. New entrepreneurs are primarily taking on the challenges adopted by the UN in the form of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Positive Impact Startups in Poland

Positive Impact Startups

Positive Impact Startup is an innovative form of entrepreneurship aimed at solving important social challenges such as good quality education, gender equality, clean and accessible energy. Organizations that implement these demands as part of their activities are more valuable, but not only. After all, actions for sustainable development and positive impact are based on innovation and modern technology. Positive Impact Startup, therefore, concern for a better quality of life for people and environmental protection go hand in hand with a high level of organizational integrity.

Positive Startup Impact Report

The reports contain experts’ opinions on the Polish positive impact ecosystem, detailed descriptions of the most interesting startups of the year and information on initiatives supporting this movement in Poland. The reports also showcase innovative solutions proposed by positive impact startups in selected industries – from construction, education and sustainable fashion to health and responsible tourism.

Who prepares the report?

Reports are prepared within the Kozminski Business Hub by a team of students of postgraduate studies at Kozminski University entitled “CSR. Sustainable Development Goals in Company Strategy” under the direction of Mirella Panek- Owsiańska and Professor Bolesław Rok. The initiative is an important element in the implementation of the Sustainable Transformation Strategy of Kozminski University 

The publication of the Report is accompanied by a publicly available and updated online database of Polish positive impact startups - it currently includes over 800 companies

Positive Impact Startups Report 2022

Positive Impact Startups Database 2022

Highlighted Positive Impact Startups 2022

Report Partners

The report "Positive Impact Startups. Radical Social Innovation"

First edition of the SPW Report 2019

“Positive Impact Startups. Radical Social Innovation” is a description that opens a new area in business.”

We are dealing in Poland with the beginning of a major change in the entrepreneurship market in the context of social responsibility and challenges formulated in the form of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are socially innovative start-ups, implementing business models generating economic and social benefits simultaneously, usually created by young people. The motivation of the founders is often personal, but also driven by the expectations of the market – users as well as large business and institutional partners, and by legislative changes that create new opportunities.

Second edition of the SPW 2020 Report

“Positive Impact Startups. Radical Social Innovation” is another sketch for a portrait of a phenomenon that is attracting increasing interest worldwide.”

We live in a time of breakthrough and at the same time great uncertainty. Therefore, it is worthwhile to have a good understanding of the new wave of positive business, which combines many streams, coming from different sources. In the face of the coming changes, we should take care of at least four pillars in business: passion – which must accompany all explorations; positive impact – because only this now justifies our activity; deep innovation – necessary at the level of models, processes and systems; and finally responsibility – which, like a moral compass, will ensure the right direction.

Third edition of the SPW 2021 Report

The report “Positive Impact Startups.
Radical Social Innovation”

Positive Impact Startups (SPW) is an already visible trend in the Polish startup market, which addresses, among others, the challenges adopted by the UN in the form of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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