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Kozminski Research & Consulting has implemented a solution for the services offered by Smart Kids Planet. The project was carried out under the European Intelligent Development Fund to support the potential of enterprises.

Smart Kids Planet

Kozminski Research & Consulting has implemented a solution for services offered by Smart Kids Planet. The project was implemented under the European Intelligent Development Fund for the support of business potential.

Business we have supported

According to a report by SW Research and On Board Think Kong, over 82% of parents pay attention to the educational values of the toys and accessories they buy. It is edutainment, i.e. education through entertainment, that is the aim of the services of a young company, Smart Kids Planet.

Our task

Our role was to support the partner, who undertook an unprecedented undertaking in Poland – the creation of an interactive multimedia room for the youngest. This modern form of entertainment was to allow children to view and process in 3D the objects they had drawn on paper. The task before us was to develop and implement a matrix algorithm that would enable the opening of this innovative playroom at the National Stadium.

Fun for the 21st century

The technology we used created a one-of-a-kind multimedia play space. Its algorithm integrates the digital world with the real one. Children draw flat objects, which are then scanned and added to the three-dimensional scenery of a city or space. These can then be manipulated using gestures.

Playing in the interactive multimedia room is not only very interesting, but also extremely developing. The youngest children learn orientation in space and the relationship between solids. In addition, they can play in a group and have fun in a variety of ways – the room is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

Benefits for the partner

The interactive playroom is currently the flagship product of Smart Kids Planet. The company has proven that it can teach through entertainment like no one else and that it takes full advantage of the latest technological possibilities. Kozminski Research & Consulting’s solution allows many people to join in the fun at the same time, which promotes efficient use of available space and supports energy savings. All this presents Smart Kids Planet as an innovative business partner.

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