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Kozminski Research & Consulting has implemented a sales process automation solution at Elektrometal Energetyka under the European Intelligent Development Fund to support the potential of enterprises.

Elektrometal Energetyka

Kozminski Research & Consulting wdrożył rozwiązanie automatyzacji procesu sprzedaży w Elektrometal Energetyka w ramach Funduszu Europejskiego Inteligentny Rozwój dla wsparcia potencjału przedsiębiorstw.

Business we supported

The product and service portfolio of our partner Elektrometal Energetyka includes not only the production of modern switchgear, medium-voltage switchgear and digital protection terminals, but also wide-ranging processes to maximise operability and minimise energy costs.

Our task

Up to now, the software provided by our partner to its customers was inextricably linked to the physical media. This made it very difficult to test. The test required sending the carrier, checking its operation with the person interested in the product, and then packing and sending the device back to the manufacturer. Our plan was to replace the physical device with codes that would allow remote access to the software.

A web-based platform instead of media

As intended, we developed a secure algorithm that enabled the creation of an easy-to-use web platform that makes our partner’s services available. The solutions we used include heatmaps, behavioural tests, MySQL and cloud hosting. Thanks to these tools, the platform users receive unique codes giving them access to the software offered by the Partner.

Benefits for the Partner

Interactive playroom is currently the flagship product of Smart Kids Planet. The company has proven that it can teach through entertainment like no one else and that it takes full advantage of the latest technological possibilities. Kozminski Research & Consulting’s solution allows many people to join in the fun at the same time, which promotes efficient use of available space and supports energy savings. All this presents Smart Kids Planet as an innovative business partner.

And what can we do for your company?

Together we will effectively streamline processes in your company.

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