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Wypuścić firmę na szerokie, międzynarodowe wody to, zdawałoby się, nie lada wyzwanie. Ale nie dla uczestników naszego ostatniego Leothonu, którzy 21 listopada 2021 roku podczas całodniowego wydarzenia wymyślali własne rozwiązania na umiędzynarodowienie biznesu.

Launching a company into international markets is, it would seem, quite a challenge. But not for the participants of our last Leothon, who, on 21 November 2021, came up with their own solutions to internationalise their business during the all-day event. 

This time there was a lack of pizza, massages and other hackathon extras, as the event was conducted in an online format. However, it is not all bad – thanks to a different format, international teams took part in Leothon. ALK students worked in groups together with their new colleagues from ESCP Business School the European business school with which KBH organised the marathon in partnership. 

Leothon students were tasked with presenting a solution for one of two categories:

Own Business Idea in which the students themselves chose the business they wanted to internationalise,

Rent like home in which participants had to present a model for the internationalisation of this Polish startup that rents out over 700 flats in 8 cities in Poland.

The participants were encouraged to work by distinguished guests René Mauer, Aleksandra Przegalińska-Skierkowska. Under their supervision, solutions were created, which were then evaluated by the Jury. By the decision of the judges, out of all 8 teams, the winners were: 


In the first category: Riders on the storm (Rishi Jain, Maximilian Jansen, Jules Langerd, Sofia Maria Bidini, Bernardo Santos) they proposed an app for city dwellers to access second-hand bicycles more easily.

In the second category: Meatballs (Julia Borawska, Oliwia Wojcieszuk, Aleksander Czerny, Maxime Ronsin, Ludovico Sarno, Elena Montironi) they proposed joining the target group of students and employees and thus extending their offer to include long-term rental accommodation. 

The prize for the winning teams, sponsored by both partner universities, is a trip to one of the 6 cities where ESCP Business School has campuses. Once again, congratulations and we hope that winning the competition will become a great motivation for the Leothon participants to develop further. 

Thank you to all the teams for taking part in the event and creating inspiring ideas. We hope you all had as much fun as we, the organisers, did. 

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