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Kozminski Research & Consulting has created a technology for the revolutionary Plenti platform on the Polish market, which offers access to the latest consumer electronics on demand. The solution implemented under the Smart Growth Operational Program improves the operation of the virtual rental shop.

Plenti. App

Kozminski Research & Consulting has created technology for Plenti, a platform revolutionary on the Polish market, offering access to the latest consumer electronics on demand. The solution, implemented under the Inteligent Development Operational Programme, streamlines the operation of the virtual rental service.

Business we have supported

Project partner Plenti.app provides a platform that allows renting consumer electronics on demand. All it takes is a few clicks and the selected products arrive at the user’s doorstep in just a few tens of minutes. When the equipment is no longer needed, the renter returns it with one click. The whole process is fast and efficient, with secure payments and the option of breakdown insurance.

Our task

The potential of the Plenti app was not fully exploited. The products available on it could have been better tailored to the platform’s customers. Our partner approached us with a need to create a solution that, using machine learning, would allow the application to improve on an ongoing basis. We planned to implement algorithms: verifying product usage, forecasting demand for a given piece of equipment, suggesting specific items to users and others.

Integrated rental and sales system

The project has been completed and all the planned IT solutions have been implemented. The improved Plenti application constantly analyses customer behaviour, so it presents the best offer to them. User history allows the system to suggest relevant products. Forecasts of demand for equipment and verification of its consumption reduce waiting times for a given product. In addition, algorithms develop an optimal pricing policy.

Partner benefits

The Plenti application now works quickly and efficiently because all its elements, such as proposed products, prices, equipment information, are updated in real time. This increases the chance that the platform’s customers will be satisfied with the service and return for another equipment rental or purchase. The streamlined application also generates fewer costs. Most importantly, however, our partner can develop the tool we implemented with new functions in the future.

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